My name is Brenda Mennenger and I am a Renaissance Artisan. I Sculpt Bronze and other non-ferrous metals with a torch using a technique called flowing or puddle welding.  The metal is shaped through the forces of the torch to create beautiful wearable art, jewelry, sculpture and unique gift items.  I subscribe to the old school idealism of quality before quantity and stand behind my work 100% with a limitless lifetime warranty. 


I create each piece one at a time and polish it to a jeweler’s finish.  I use a variety of settings that I find in my many travels and try to use the finest quality whether it is a natural quartz crystal, a fully leaded Austrian crystal or an intricate iridescent dicroic glass gem.  I use natural stone cabochons with a standardized setting making it possible for the customer to change the stone in a piece already completed or select a one from over 100 varieties for their custom piece.  I can also work with a stone or found object that is presented to me by the patron, taking custom work to a new level and incorporating the sentimental aspect.


Not forgetting the youngest patrons, I try to devote time to the creation of small, inexpensive items that will work well on kid’s days and be well received by parents.  I have several handcrafted pendants and novelty jewelry items aimed to educate and delight children of all ages.


For those with a modest budget I have many items in the $20 and under range including, but not limited to, my line of sun catchers.  Averaging $20 with the king’s tax included these offer the best value and the widest appeal. Set with a sparkling Austrian crystal and over 50 different designs with more being created all the time. 


My work is limited only by my medium and the bounds of your imagination.  I often do work that is unique to a specific show or region.  Feel free to inquire about custom work.







Underhill Pavilion and Displays



I believe that my sales area makes the first impression.  I try to have a simple, clean display that shows off my work. Complimenting gardens provide a peaceful resting place for non-shopping guests and a beautiful photo opportunity for those that are unable to take home a souvenir from my shop.  I have won many awards for my gardens and overall display area at other festivals.











Under proper conditions I am able to set up a workspace and demonstration for the public.  This allows me the opportunity to work throughout the day while giving the patrons visual confirmation that I do indeed make my own product.  On many occasions I have been able to provide on the spot repairs on jewelry that may otherwise be difficult to repair. 









Available in two pricing tiers.


  Sub Adult Dragons with open wire wings are available with four standard sizes and prices ranging from $45 to $125 with custom variations and applications as always.





Large Adult dragons with solid copper wings are truly individuals.  These are priced according the details and torch work in each one.  They generally start at $250.















Sun catchers


I have over 50 different sun catcher designs and am adding to them everyday.  Set with a 28mm Austrian crystal they produce beautiful rainbows when placed in a sunny window.














From the very simple to the very complex, this is my most common custom work and I have circlets unlike any others. Dragons with cabochons, woven designs similar to the hair accessories (i.e. lord of the rings inspired) and triple goddess with stone.  These can be set with an endless variety of stones.  I use twisted bands with an opening in the back so that I can custom fit each one making them much easier to wear. Light and airy these can be worn with all kinds of hairstyles from braids to loose locks. Matching hair accessories are also available.










Hair Accessories


Barrettes, Hair sticks, Hair forks & Combs.

I use these every day and they really do work.  I make several sizes to accommodate many hair lengths and types. These range from a simple single stick with a decoration for as little as $10 to very complex pieces with sculpted images complete with natural or glass gemstones and priced accordingly.  The perfect compliment to any renaissance garb.





Designed for daily wear these will stand up to the gym, yet with just a quick rub they polish to a warm glow for a more formal look.  Ladies can quickly put their hair up with a simple twist and tuck.  At the end of the day simply pull the hairpiece out and shake your head for that classic hair fall look with soft natural waves.  Best of all this keeps your ends tucked away from harmful sunrays and pollutants, keeping your locks soft and clean for an intimate evening.










This is a broad category and I often get requests and custom orders in this category.  Due to space limitations not every design can be pictured here.  I am always trying to design new and unique pieces.  This includes torques, penandulars, armbands, chokers, bracelets, cloak clasps and earrings.








Pendants and Necklaces



Topping this category is the fascinating Pocket Kaleidoscope.  A dazzling optical crystal with a safe flat facet cut on one side to allow the wearer to look through the crystal creating a prism effect.  This essentially makes the whole world your kaleidoscope.  When not in viewing use this can be worn around the neck or hung in a window and will deliver the same rainbow effect that the sun catchers do when hit with direct sunlight.  Three fabulous items in one.





Designed for those on a budget and the younger clients, these consist of a small sculpture on a waxed cotton or silk cord.  I like to have something for everyone in this category.  Ranging from the completely organic Hot Knot for $3 to $5.  Dragon tooth for $7. Dragon or Eagle claw holding a colored marble for $10.  Small creatures including dragonflies, dragons, frogs, fairies and much more ranging from $15 to $35.  This can be a playful category and I am always creating new pendant designs geared toward kids days and the shopper with a smaller budget.




Ear Wrap Art


No piercing required!  This whimsical piece of jewelry is designed with both genders in mind.  All designs and sculpted figures seen elsewhere are also available on the ear wraps.  Some come with a crystal drop behind the ear lobe to give the impression of an additional earring.  These come for both the right and left ear and are shaped for a comfortable custom fit.







Hat and Bodice Pins


Tiny little sculptures that you can wear.  These pins represent the broadest range of my work.  Limited only by my imagination, each pin is sculpted with exacting precision. Quality is enhanced by the use of a full clutch back with the receiving post welded into place rather than glued or soldered.  Patrons often tell me they can see that I have fun making these and I am flattered that they see the love and care that goes into every torch stroke.  This is often the second most popular custom order. 











I make many styles of masks.  I put a cord on them when they are purchased so that they can be worn.  Each mask can be shaped to the contours of the wearers face for a more comfortable fit.  These can be adorned with all of the same gems available in my other work.  Often I will add multiple crystal drops of various colors to add drama and flair.  These masks begin around $40 and go as high as $300 at this time.  I am always working on new designs and tend to rotate them so that the display usually has a slightly different grouping.








Lighter Sleeves


Never loose your lighter again!   Unlike any lighter sleeve you have ever seen.  Each one is a small work of art that will identify your personal lighter while adding a touch of class to the ordinary.  Also available on a leash.   For the non-smoker these can also double as a scarf slide adding a touch of class to the office or evening our.  I am currently working these designs into a user-friendly ponytail holder.  Very affordable with pricing ranges $10 to $35










  Copper Roses  


Cut with the torch from pure copper and hand folded, I Scent them with pure rose oil for years of surprising sniffs from unexpecting noses. Should the customer ever feel the scent has faded, they are encouraged to bring them back any time during the festival for free resenting.

My roses are $10 each with the tax included.









Copper Light Switch Plates


One of my newest items these are a unique.  I take a solid copper switch plate and sculpt all of the figures and themes seen previously.  In addition I use the torch to texturize and color the copper for a dragon skin or chewed effect.  Each plate comes complete with two copper mounting screws.  Pricing is individual.








Figurines and Statuettes


Pure Art, these small sculptures are decorative.  Collectable miniature figurines of dragons, fairies and goddesses.  Built entirely with the torch flame, no two are alike.  Complete in their 3 dimensional detail they will captivate the imagination.











Chopstick Case/Holder


A solid copper tube with a clip to hold your personal set of chop sticks.  Adorned with ocean themed artwork, it also serves as a holder on the table during dinner.  Protective, useful, and beautiful this offers you a unique alternative to flatware while allowing you to enjoy your snack without fear of touching it with dirty fingers.






Fountains and Gardens


Occasionally I make fountains for sale and for enhancement of my personal booth gardens. I have won numerous awards for my gardens, booth and overall display. These fountains show the same attention to detail with the torch as the smallest pins and figures while incorporating the features of the landscape.  Note the 4-tiered waterfall that takes advantage of the natural landscape and helps to maintain a natural feeling while integrating the artwork into the overall garden.  These are generally for display only and ordered on an individual basis.  Each one a custom piece designed for the personal space it will inhabit.






Custom Works











As an artist I get many requests for custom work

And I am always striving to be creative.